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these buckeyes when they get it going. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and closed captioning provided by cbs sports division captioning by captionmax >> gus: this has been a presentation of cbs sports on our 30th road to the final four. survival is all about staying power.
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beer or bread? [ male announcer ] see how the hartford helps businesses at the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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>> greg: the game just completed on cbs, ohio state avenging an earlier loss to wisconsin 93-65, jon diebler 27 points for the buckeyes, with our dan bonner. >> dan: jon diebler, congratulations. obviously, a senior day for you, a revenge victory against wisconsin. what about this atmosphere in here? >> this is the best. in all four years, i've never seen our crowd like this. our student section, got a great group of guys, this wisconsin team is going to do really well in the ncaa so it's a great win for us. >> dan: let's talk about your three-point shooting for a minute. 10 against penn state. seven today. what are you eating for breakfast? what's the key? >> just keep getting shots up, staying with the same routine. teammates did a great job getting me the ball today, i was fortunate enough to knock shots down again. >> dan: your team, everybody is talking about you as a potential number one seed in the ncaa tournament. how do you feel about your team and its chances in that tournament? >> we haven't really thought about it yet.
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obviously, we feel we've got a great team, we're playing on the same page and we're worried about the big ten tournament. this is a great win for us to clinch the season but we've got a great group of guyos this team. >> dan: thanks very much. congratulations. >> greg: jon diebler talking about shooting. you know as well as anybody shooters shoot the ball. >> greg a.: yes, they do, i think ohio state has the highest ceiling of anybody in the country. i think they're the most complete team. >> seth: i agree. i think they're going to win the whole thing. >> greg: when we come back we'll update the scoreboard. it's supposed to rain tomorrow. probably can't paint the garage. [ thinking ] really? like i haven't seen that movie. [ snoring ] i got this amazing meal off mcdonald's dollar menu. the beefy mcdouble, the crispy mcchicken. everything's so good and just a buck each. i was smart enough to do all that, so my turn. can't paint, huh? guess we'll just have to go look at window treatments.
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now well-qualified lessees can lease the 2011 town & country touring for just $319 a month. ♪ >> greg: welcome back, everyone. tonight on cbs is all new. begins on "60 minutes." what's the closest you can imagine getting to one of the most dangerous predators on earth? you will see tonight on "60 minutes." all ahead -- tonight on cbs. one week from tonight we'll put the madness into motion. >> greg: let's review the scoreboard one last time.
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>> greg: we thank you for joining us. for seth, for greg, for all of us here at cbs sports we'll see you next weekend here on "the road to the final four." you've never seen fast.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: good evening f you purchased gasoline in the past few days you know the story. the price has gone up, keeps goinging up, and shows no signs of stopping. since the turmoil in libya broke out in mid-february, the price of crude oil jumped roughly 20% to more than $104 a barrel pushing up prices at the pump as well. today the white house said it may step in to help. sheryl attkisson in washington has the latest. >> reporter: it's the strongest suggestion yet that unrest in the middle east might leave the obama
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administration to tap the nation's oil reserves. the news came from the white house chief of staff. >> the issue of the reserves is one we're considering. i think there is no one without doubts that the uncertainty in the middle east right now has caused tremendous increase in the last number of weeks. >> reporter: gas prices averaged $3.51 a gallon nationwide, up 15 cents in the past week, 789 cents over a year ago. >> 65 dollars for gas is pretty unbelievable. >> maybe it's $5 when it gets to that point i won't want to drive any more. so we'll see. >> i drive for a living. so it definitely affects my job. so i'm currently looking another job because of this. >> reporter: the u.. stored supply of oil called the strategic petroleum reserve contains 75:-- barrels. those that oil want oil relief say it would cause spiking gas prices to an economic recovery isn't threatened.
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after hurricane katrina 30 million barrels were released. oil prices dropped 3.7%. during the first gulf war, 34 million barrels were released and in one day, prices dropped 33.4%. but some economists say the oil reserves should be saved for a true emergency and this isn't it. >> i think it's premature to ep up the strategic petroleum reserve. i don't think it's going to make a big difference with respect to prices. and i think at this point we can digest these prices. >> reporter: maybe so, but it doesn't go down easy. >> as a students's kind of tough to pay the bills and pay these kind of gas prices. >> reporter: right now the average price of gas is still $61 cents-- 61 cents below the record set in july 2008 of 4.11 a gallon. >> mitchell: sheryl attkisson in washington, thank you. the pain at the pump is having a huge affect on businesses, especially small ones. seth doane has the story of
6:15 pm
one company that has literally been moving in the right direction but is now dealing with a bump in the road. >> reporter: are the phones are finally ringing again at os moving and storage. the company hung on through two years in a housing slump when few people were moving. with the economy showing signs of life, general manager nancy zifrani is crossing her fingers. >> my confidence meter is up. it feels like things are back on track. we're getting back on track. >> reporter: but nows gasoline prices are up too. gas is highest in california, where the average is $3.88 a gallon. in new york, it's $3.69. oz moving operates in both states. >> hour business runs on gas, every mile counts. >> reporter: for oz with its 50 trucks, price shockses have immediate impact. every dollar increase in the price of gas has 20-- adds 20% to its operating cost. and they're already squeezed
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by higher prices. from heating oil up 36% since october to paper used in cardboard boxes, up 15% since last year. like many small companies,. >> you're looking at a guaranteed price-- . >> reporter: passing those rising costs on to customers isn't an option. >> competition is just too fierce at this point. >> so that means a shrinking bottom line. >> if we're not profiting, we're not able to grow. we're not able to expand. we're not able to hire new employees. >> reporter: now small businesses like oz have created 70% of all new jobs in the last decade but for them as the price of gasoline goes up, the likelihood of any new hiring goes down. it's easy math but has an effect that's hard to calculate. >> mitchell: seth doane, thanks a lot. and we'll be back. hi, dad. we need to talk. [ male announcer ] this intervention brought to you by niaspan. no, it's not about boys. it's about you.
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by city, qaddafi troops used helicopter gunships to attack rebels. rebel forceses have repelled the counteroffensive midway between triply and his hometown. and 6,000 people are now estimated to have died since fighting began. mark phillips is in trip ollie with the latest. >> reporter: the qaddoffee government declared victory in tripoli and if seemed like the town came out to celebrate. people were told government forces were on the counteroffensive. wiping out rebel gains of the past week. the decoration of victory may be premature or it may be wishful thinking but in this kind of crowd, with this kind of qaddafi support, it's taken as unquestionable fact. the facts on the ground, though, are a lot less clear. at the furthest point of the rebel advance from the east, a government offensive did push back the rag tag rebel
6:21 pm
forces. >> myself, i was like three kilometerss away, like which is less than two mileses away from the border. and what we get is sideways and bombs all over. >> reporter: they retreated in disarray. but formed up again in the oil port, which they still hold. in other towns, closer to tripoli forces loyal to qaddafi used tanks, artillery and warplanes to attack rebel positions. again, government claims of victory are dismissed by rebels who say they beat back the attacks and even captured government vehicles in the process. there's a propaganda battle being fought here as well. and its starts young. the qaddafi regime must appear to be victorious and in control or it starts to look vulnerable. yet even in this tripoli crowd, gathered to celebrate the governments's announced gains, there are quiet voices of doubt. on the fringe of the crowd,
6:22 pm
a man approaches. he doesn't want to be identified but speaks away from our camera. most people even here, he says, don't really believe the government line. >> reporter: what chance do you give this rebellion? >> 99%. >> reporter: 99%. >> we're very hopeful. we have a just cause. we have a just cause. there's nothing morning powerful as an idea that the time has come for it. >> reporter: and you think the time has come for this. >> yes. it is time for the people. >> reporter: moammar qaddafi made a surprise appearance at green square in tripoli this evening at the same time as the libyans were offeringing a new reason as to why they have been unable to dislodge the rebelses from the towns they hold. they say the rebels, they call them terrorist gangs, have been using the local populations as human shields. we have though really is a stalemate where the rebel forces have been unable to
6:23 pm
push forward further and the pro qaddafi forces have been unable to push them back significantly. russ? >> mitchell: mark phillips in tripoli, thank you. >> back in this country, the national weather service has issued a flood watch through monday morning for much of the northeast. it is all part of a severe storm system that has already dumped a lot of rain on a big part of the country and delivered that deadly tornado that ripped through rain, louisiana. we'll have more after a break. e radio. gecko: kate from mill valley, it's all yours. kate: well, i'm shopping for my first car. gecko: nice! i do hope you'll choose geico and save a good bit of cash... curtis: what color is the car? i bet you'd look great in a blue car. kate: no...actually, i'm torn between a fuel-injected inline-6 and a higher torque turbo diesel. gecko: that's quite a quandary! umm, i mean of course you could save either way. curtis: yeah but is one of them blue? cause i'd go with the blue one. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. osteoporosis treatment-- no big deal. so i have to wait up to an hour
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>> mitchell: finally this evening, americans tear down an estimated quarter of a million homes a year, even as many low income families struggle to find decent housing for themselves. a nonprofit campaign to recycle some of those homes for the needy is tonight's sunday cover. >> it's not every day that a four bedroom house rolls down the streets of raleigh, north carolina. but today is moving day. this house built in 1978 used to sit across town. on the lot where scott moore plans to build something more modern. >> this was the kitchen. >> mitchell: perhaps by fate at dinner one night, he overheard another couple discussing planses to give their house away. >> i would much rather donate the house and let them, you know, redo the house, move it to another location to where it can benefit another family versus just tearing it down. >> mitchell: he worried that all this wood and brick would end up in a landfill. >> that's a lot of waste, and a lot of materials. just going to a dump.
6:27 pm
>> mitchell: so his home was brought here to state street alongside 21 others. homes saved from landfills, homes that will help save a neighborhood. it's the work of a nonprofit called builders of hope. >> this is a street that was plagued with drugs and prostitution and gangs. and in order to go in and truly revitalize the community, you need to have a big stake. and create an enclave. >> mitchell: she says it's a win, win, scott saves in the cost of demolition and gets a huge tax break. builders of hope moves the home and makes it affordable for a low income family. >> when that day came that i got the key for this house, i was just-- i mean i was just so blesd. >> mitchell: before lisa covington moved into the state street village a year ago, she lived in public housing like her mother and grandmother before her. raleigh's average home price is $177,000. her house cost $135,000. and the city grant made it even more affordable. >> i have a home, something
6:28 pm
i can call my own. >> mitchell: so far builders of hope has moved almost 150 homes in cities around north carolina and in new orleans. >> we've got to stop tearing down there are not enough landfills, not enough holes to carry all this debris. >> mitchell: in raleigh the state street project is still under construction. workers are painting houses, making them more energy efficient and putting up siding to make them feel like they're all part of the same community. it's a community lisa covington never thought she'd be able to join. >> i feel so much better paying, that i'm paying a mortgage then when i say i got to go pay my rent. >> mitchell: among the other or cities talking to builders of hope about saving old homes is detroit which plans to tear down 3,000 houses per year for the next three years. and that is the "cbs evening news." i'm russ mitchell in new york. katie couric will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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